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Model 40-0103  Aircraft Cargo Bay Fire Extinguisher

Extinguishing agent - Recycled Halon 1211
Capacity (lb.) 16 lb.
Gross weight (lb.) 36 lb.
Approvals PMA
Capacity (grams) 7257  gr.
Gross weight (grams) 16330 gr.
Type of canister Steel cylinder
Discharge range-feet 12
Duration of discharge-seconds 14
Canister color Red
Height (inches) 24 in.
Width (inches) 7  in.
Depth-diameter (inches) 7 in.
Maximum leakage rate-grams year 4
Bracket  Metal Strap
  • Three 16 lb. fire Extinguishers meet the 48 lb. FAA requirement
  • PMA approval for all Boeing & McDonald Douglas aircraft
  • Steel cylinder - meets DOT requirements
  • Discharge Head - molded aluminum anodized for corrosion and rust prevention
  • FAA approved servicing locations throughout United States & Internationally
  • Warranty - 1 year
  • Evaporates on contact, leaving no damaging powdery residue
  • Heat seeking capability

Safe and Easy to Use

  • Colorless, odorless, and non staining
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to operate
  • Non corrosive and nonconductive
  • No impairment of operator's vision

Aviation fire extinguishers are sold through aviation distributors world wide. or email us for a distributor in your area.


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