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Customer's Comments

"With NFPA's assistance, we have successfully inventoried and shipped over 650 Halon Fire Extinguishers from locations throughout the state of Alaska to NFPA. NFPA provided all the documentation we needed, arranged shipping and was extremely responsive to our special requirements. We highly recommend NFPA for Halon recycling services."

Halon FAQ's

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Reference Room

  Contact NFPA, Inc.
NFPA srl
Via Martiri di Nassiriya, 1
70022 Altamura (Ba) Italy

PI 06835530723

operating headquarter : Via Bengasi, 25 – 10095 Grugliasco (To) Italy

Maintenance and realization of Water Fire Suppression Systems

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NFPA Purchases Halon & FM 200

EPA requires that Halon be sold to a Halon recycler. With our considerable economies of scale, sellers can be assured they will receive top dollar for Halon or FM 200 sold to NFPA.

NFPA, Inc. Purchases:

  • Halon 1211 in fire extinguishers and storage containers.
  • Halon 1301 in manufacturer's system cylinders and storage cylinders.
  • FM 200 in manufacturer's system cylinders and storage cylinders.

3 Day Turnaround Halon Purchasing Program:

  • We fax you a Purchase Order, send a deposit check and shipping documents "Next Day", and are capable of picking up your Agent as early as the day after. All paperwork's computerized and completed by NFPA.

  • NFPA promises to fax you a PO towards the purchase of your Agent within 90 minutes of your request.

  • NFPA sends a deposit check and shipping documents with easy-to-follow instructions via "next day air".

  • NFPA schedules the truck and picks up the Agent with or without a lift gate with a 3 hour notice. All Agent is shipped in accordance with all applicable Federal and/or State environmental and transportation laws and regulations.

  • NFPA faxes you confirmation that the Agent has arrived. We weigh your Agent and pay you based on the gross weight, not deduction for nitrogen or loss of Halon during the transfer process.

  • NFPA pays you the balance owed on time or early. About 20% of companies selling Agent to NFPA receive more money than expected due to an understatement of weight.

  • Certificate of Reclamation provided upon request.

Call or email us today for a price quote and we'll pick up your Halon as early as tomorrow!

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