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Our Customer's Comments

"We called NFPA at 4:15 PM on Thanksgiving Eve because one of our customers had a Halon Dump. NFPA delivered the much-needed Halon within 48 hours and no one missed Thanksgiving dinner. Great job NFPA."

-- A Bakersfield Fire Suppression Service Company

"The convenience of "one stop" service and recharge on our Halon 1301 needs has been great. The ease of shipping empty cylinders for recharge has been great as well."

-- A Fire Suppression Service Company

Halon FAQ's

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Reference Room

NFPA srl
Via Martiri di Nassiriya, 1
70022 Altamura (Ba) Italy

PI 06835530723

operating headquarter : Via Bengasi, 25 – 10095 Grugliasco (To) Italy

Maintenance and realization of Water Fire Suppression Systems

Email info@nfpa.it

NFPA Sells and Services Halon & FM 200
Halon 1211, 1301 & FM 200 in Storage Cylinders

NFPA has Halon 1211, 1301 & FM 200 available for immediate shipment in bulk storage cylinders:

  • Halon 1211 200 lb, 250 lb, and 1500 lb.

  • Halon 1301 150 lb, 500 lb, and 2000 lb.

  • FM 200 Standard Industry Sizes

Cylinders are loaned to the customer and returned freight paid by NFPA if returned within the agreed upon time period.

Halon 1301 & FM 200 in System Cylinders

NFPA has hundreds of system cylinders of varying sizes in inventory including Ansul, Chemetron, Fiquench, Kidde Fenwal, Pemall and Pyr-A-Lon, which is advantageous because it is often difficult to procure kits to rebuild your cylinders. At NFPA, if you purchase the Halon, in many cases, we provide the cylinder at no charge.
FM 200 - NFPA sells and services all manufacturer types and sizes.

Halon 1301 & FM 200 Recharging

Our full service recycling facilities are located strategically in service centers throughout the US.

NFPA can reclaim and/or transfer the Agent into your cylinders or ours. We rebuild heads and hydro cylinders at a nominal charge. Most manufacturer's rebuild kits are available. If a specific cylinder type is needed and we have one in stock, NFPA will provide, in many cases, the cylinder at no charge.

Upon shipment, NFPA faxes you the Bill of Lading, enabling you to track your order with the Freight Company.

NFPA is in compliance with EPA requirements for handling and disposing of Halon and Halon containing equipment.

We specialize in "dumps" because of our fast turn around time. We guarantee a ship date and meet our delivery commitments.

Call or email us for a price quote today!

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