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About Halon - An Overview

Halons have been used for fire and explosion protection throughout the twentieth century. They are low-toxicity, chemically stable compounds that, as long as they remain contained in cylinders, are easily recyclable for reuse. Halon 1211 (a liquid steaming agent) and Halon 1301 (a gaseous agent) have been proven to be extremely effective fire suppressants, which leave no residue and are remarkably safe for human exposure. From protecting computer and communication rooms throughout the electronics industry, to numerous military applications on ships, aircraft and tanks, to ensuring safety on all commercial aircraft, Halon has been an integral part of the safety plans in many of today's manufacturing, electronic, and aviation companies.


  • NFPA 408, Standard for Aircraft Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers, 1994 Edition

  • NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers, 1994 Edition

  • ANSI/UL 711, Standard for Rating and Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishers, 1990 Edition

  • ANSI/UL 1093, Standard for Halogenated Agent Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishers, 1993 Edition

  • NFPA 12A , Standard On Halon 1301 Fire Extinguishing Systems, 1997 Edition

  • CAN/ULC-8512-m87, Standard for Halogenated Agent Extinguishers

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NFPA Sells and Services
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Our full service recycling facilities are located strategically in service centers throughout the US.

NFPA can reclaim and/or transfer the Agent into your cylinders or ours. We rebuild heads and hydro cylinders at a nominal charge. Most manufacturer's rebuild kits are available. If a specific cylinder type is needed and we have one in stock, NFPA will provide, in many cases, the cylinder at no charge.

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