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Customer's Comments

"We called NFPA at 4:15 PM on Thanksgiving Eve because one of our customers had a Halon Dump. NFPA delivered the much-needed Halon within 48 hours and no one missed Thanksgiving dinner. Great job NFPA."

"The convenience of "one stop" service and recharge on our Halon 1301 needs has been great. The ease of shipping empty cylinders for recharge has been great as well."

"With NFPA's assistance, we have successfully inventoried and shipped over 650 Halon Fire Extinguishers from locations throughout the state of Alaska to NFPA. NFPA provided all the documentation we needed, arranged shipping and was extremely responsive to our special requirements. We highly recommend NFPA for Halon recycling services."

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Maintenance and realization of Water Fire Suppression Systems

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From A Single Fire Extinguisher... To Halon For A 10,000 lb. System Tank

NFPA, your full service Halon & Clean Agent Specialist, is dedicated to the responsible management and redeployment of Halon. NFPA services your needs with four service centers throughout the United States. In today's business environment, where can you receive the best pricing available, along with impeccable and friendly service?

A Letter From our President

NFPA is recognized nationally and internationally for providing high quality fire protection products and services. While NFPA has been in the fire protection market for many years, its mission was expanded with the advent of regulatory controls on the production and use of Halon.

Production of Halon was halted in the U.S. in 1994 and various measures have been taken in the international markets. A key role for NFPA is the responsible management and redeployment of Halon to essential users, such as the aviation industry, for which an effective alternative is yet to be developed. We monitor the ongoing developments in the Halon and Halon alternatives markets worldwide, and feel confident in our ability to offer products, services, and guidance to our customers so that their purchasing decisions make good strategic sense.

Continues to require Halon on board all commercial aircraft. NFPA's aviation Halon fire extinguishers are distributed worldwide for use in both pleasure and commercial aircraft. Many aircraft OEM's use only NFPA's fire extinguishers exclusively. NFPA's Halon 1211-1301 blend is widely accepted in the aircraft market due to its 20 year estimated shelf life with no servicing requirements.

The newly developed Halon replacement products are generally more costly and require significantly more agent to achieve the same effectiveness as Halon. So, demand for Halon continues in the home, vehicle, industrial and commercial markets. There is a suitable unit for a broad range of requirements, with extinguisher sizes ranging from 1.25 pounds to 17 pounds. We also offer Halotron, a Halon 1211 replacement product, in 4 extinguisher sizes.

NFPA is a major buyer, seller, and recycler of Halon 1211 and 1301. Our recycling centers are conveniently located throughout the U.S. We offer a full service production shop for rebuilding and recharging Halon 1301 and FM 200 cylinders.

NFPA, Inc. is proud to be a member of these national organizations: National Fire Protection Association; National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors; Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Working Group; California Association Licensed Services and Fire Equipment; Halon Alternatives Research Corporation; Halon Recycling Corporation; and Fire Suppression Systems Association.

We hope you'll call on NFPA for your fire protection needs - personal or commercial, fire extinguisher or suppression system, Halon or Halon alternatives. We look forward to being of service to you.

Dr. Vincenzo Galantucci

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