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NFPA srl
Via Martiri di Nassiriya, 1
70022 Altamura (Ba) Italy

PI 06835530723

operating headquarter : Via Bengasi, 25 – 10095 Grugliasco (To) Italy

Maintenance and realization of Water Fire Suppression Systems

Email info@nfpa.it

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NFPA, Inc., is your domestic and international full service Halon and Clean Agent Specialist, with service centers located throughout the US.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

NFPA offers a line of Halon & Clean Agent fire extinguishers ranging from
1¼ lb. to 17 lb.
We purchase (reclaim) fire extinguishers and supply the fire service industry with recycled bulk Halon 1211.

Halon 1301 
and FM 200 Systems

We buy, sell, & service all types & sizes of Halon 1301 & FM 200 systems. NFPA is your "one stop shop" for your Halon needs.

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