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Model B369  1211 Halon Fire Extinguisher

Extinguishing agent - Recycled Halon 1211
Capacity (lb.) 9 lb
Gross weight (lb.) 15 lb. 4 oz.
U/L Rating 1A:10B:C
Capacity (grams) 4082 gr.
Gross weight (grams) 6465 gr.
Type of canister Steel
Discharge range-feet 12-15 ft.
Duration of discharge-seconds 9 sec.
Canister color Red
Height (inches) 16 in.
Width (inches) 8.5 in.
Depth-diameter (inches) 5 3/32 in.
Bracket Type Wall
Confined Space Not less than Cubic Feet 1123 cubic ft.


  • Boats/Vehicle
  • Home/Office
  • Workshops

Model B369

  • Upright squeeze grip operation
  • Brass, chrome plated valves
  • High strength dot steel cylinders
  • "Industrial" quality metal valves and siphon tubes
  • Low temperature operation to -65º F
  • Large easy to read pressure gauges

Safe and Easy to Use

  • Colorless, odorless, and non staining
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to operate
  • Non corrosive and nonconductive
  • No impairment of operator's vision
  • Effective on chemical fires & flammable liquids


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