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Halon 1211 Wheeled Fire Extinguisher

Model Number

600 Factory New
600 Rec - Reconditioned

Capacity (lb.) 150 lb.

Shipping weight (lb.)

250 lb.
U/L Rating


Duration of discharge 48 seconds
Cylinder DOT 4BW240
Operating pressure 200 psi.
Test pressure 480 psi.
Burst pressure (min.) 960 psi.
Discharge range 30 - 40 ft.
Operating temp. range -65° to +120° F.
Safety disc. burst range 400 - 500 psi.
Hose length 50 ft.
Hose diameter 75 in.
Wheel (Semi-pneumatic) 15 x 4 in.
Height 59 in.
Width 29 in.
Depth 42 in.

  • Brass, chrome plated operating valve
  • 200 PSI Operating Pressure
  • Heavy duty steel cylinder, carriage and hose hangar assembly
  • Quick realize 50 ft. discharge hose with brass/chrome plated ball type shut-off nozzle
  • Pressure gauge protected by a stainless steel gauge guard
  • Corrosion resistant lime/yellow polyurethane paint finish
  • Large color coded mylar instruction labels
  • Operating temperature range: -65° to +120° F.

Reconditioned Units

  • Sandblasted and painted
  • Hydro tested with 6 year maintenance
  • Inside cylinder cleaned
  • Fully reconditioned & rebuilt valve

Easily operated by one person, these units are an exceptional fire fighting resource, providing greater extinguishing agent capacities, higher flow rates, and additional range, than portable fire extinguisher.

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