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"Clean Agent" Halon Alternatives

Reference Room

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Halotron Product Properties

Attributer Halotron Water CO2 Powders Foam Halon 1211
Fire Class ABC + fire involving electricity


BC +
E fires
ABC or
BC + E


ABC + fire involving electricity
Throw ability Good Good Poor Good Good Good
Visibility after application Good Good Good Poor Good Good
After fire damage None Moderate None High Moderate None
Lightweight equipment Good Poor Poor Good Poor Good


None If confined, Moderate Moderate None Low
Versatility in equipment Good in portables
and other applications
None Moderate Moderate None Good in portables
and other applications
Low temp. Performance Good Poor Good Poor Poor Good
Corrosion probability Low High Low High High Low
Shelf life Long Moderate Long Moderate Relatively Short Relatively Long Relatively

Aviation fire extinguishers are sold through aviation distributors world wide.
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